Happy 2010

ChuckI have been waiting to get past that first awkward decade of the new millennium. Having been born in 1959, my whole life has been described in 3-4 syllable dates: the sixties, the seventies, . . . Talking in terms of 0-this or 0-that has been mildly annoying. The last ten years as an epoch has felt as if we were still getting up to speed to being in a new century; I guess by now it’s safe to say that the 2000s are here to stay.

That said, I am grateful for 2010. I am grateful for my marriage, my children, and even my dogs when they are not pulling the liner out of the kitchen trash can at 11:00 pm. I am grateful for my church, an amazing community of people from all walks of life who know they’ve been rescued from drowning and are eager to reach back over the side of the boat to help others who are going down for the third time.

Most of all, I am grateful for my rescuer, Jesus. He came into my life two years ago after decades of believing in him but not believing him, if that makes sense. I don’t know if the phrase “practical atheism” has already been coined, but I think it describes a lot of us who are walking around with “a faith” but no hope. I know it describe me. As someone who is now known by the one who gives real hope, I can’t believe the difference in my life. As crazily busy as the new year is beginning–new courses to teach, reading to keep up with, writing to do–I can say with real honesty that I am doing all of this from a place of rest that still feels new to me. I can’t wait to see what this year brings.

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