“The Hobbit” killed by the Nazguls of Hollywood

The big news this week was Guillermo del Toro’s backing out of directing The Hobbit for Peter Jackson.  Here is a link to the NPR story of his decision.

You can also listen to a conversati0n between NPR’s Steve Inskeep and reporter Kim Marshall in which she explains why such a surefire film as The Hobbit is on indefinite hold: it all has to do with MGM being on life support these days.  I find it ironic that a studio that desperately needs a hit owns the rights to two sure bets (Tolkien and Bond) and can’t get investors for either because of fears of bankruptcy.  Meanwhile, all of the creative energy that has gone into pre-production work on The Hobbit gathers dust on the shelf.  Kinda makes you long for the days when a studio’s biggest fear was sending F.F. Coppola to the Phillipines to make a little inexpensive film about Vietnam.

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