My Guilty Pleasure: the novels of Carl Hiaasen

I have been waiting for two years for another “fix” from one of my favorite novelists, Carl Hiaasen.  I just visited his website and was delighted to see that his latest novel, Star Carl HiaasenIsland, is due out on July 27.  Here is the blurb on it: “An actress secretly stands in for a derailed pop star and finds herself stalked on South Beach by a crazed paparazzo – and befriended by an unhinged hermit who was once governor of Florida.”

You may have seen the movie Hoot and not known he was the author of the book from which the movie was made.  I love his books because they combine satire, mystery, farce, and social commentary, all at a 60 mph pace.  Plus, they make me a little nostalgic for the five years I lived in South Florida (emphasis on a little).  If you think you might like him, check out his site; it contains descriptions of all his books.  He also links a 60 Minutes interview he did a few years ago.

Star IslandIf you’re heading to Florida for vacation this summer, he makes a good beach read.

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