Camping with Josh


One of the great things about Josh is his love of nature.  He is always looking for bugs under rocks, worms in the ground, and fireflies in the air.  On the first stop of our vacation, Niagra Falls, I was busy setting up the tent while he was intent on climbing a tree on our site.  Suddenly, I heard a voice behind me calling for help.  Not a frantic voice, more like a “stuck” voice.

I turned and saw the dilemma pictured above.  The fact that it is pictured above tells you that my amusement temporarily outweighed my fatherly concern.  I mean, he wasn’t in immediate danger, he was contained instead of off who knows where doing who knows what, and I figured there might be a valuable life lesson to be learned from dangling by your drawers for a moment.

In case you’re concerned, no, he isn’t still there—I set him free.

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