Calm Between Two Storms

The school year for our kids is just about over, and I am feeling like I am coming up for air before taking a deep breath and plunging into summer activities.  Our foray into ballet, tap, and hip hop is culminating this week in Amy’s and Lauryn’s recital–record amounts of hairspray, bobby pins, and mascara will be used.

Joe has been on a camping trip all this weekend, and it has rained most of the time.  His troop’s plan to work on the campsite they will be using for summer camp had to be modified, I’m sure.

We are also looking at our activity calendar for the summer and deciding what stays and what goes.  Swim team?  Scout camp?  Church camp?  Family vacation?  I’m already into August and answering the question, “how was your summer?”  My usual answer is that it was a blur.

One new venture for me will be to teach a completely online section of the Western Classics course I regularly teach in a face-to-face format.  I’m excited to see how it goes.  It begins in June, and I still have a lot of preparation to do, converting things I usually do in the classroom to various online activities.  In the process, I am learning about new apps out there for putting various kinds of content online.  I thought I was pretty current, but it amazes me how much stuff keeps coming out all the time; some good, lots of it competing with other similar stuff.  Part of my job will be figuring out which ones work best for what I want to do.

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