Memorial Day 2011

IMAG0612 This was a good but hot Memorial Day weekend here in Kentucky.  We hung out at home most of the time.  I took the kids to Quest Saturday night for the Man Series 2.0, and Sunday morning we went as a family to Mount Zion and heard a good sermon on the importance of IMAG0621remembering.

We watched the Memorial Day Concert in Washington on PBS—the music is always good, and the narratives they read are really well done.  It also makes me think I’m in D.C. having a picnic on the Mall—one of my favorite cities to visit.IMAG0613

Monday morning we did some cleaning around the house, since we were in danger of not remembering what the floor and counters looked like, IMAG0614and in the afternoon we carried out another Gobin/Bowman tradition—getting the annual pool pass!  The pool was packed out—cars out the driveway, but it was a good cool off.

IMAG0615Lauryn has lost whatever reticence she used to have with the water.  IMAG0616She’s always  loved the pool but has been cautious in the past.  Last summer, I couldn’t talk her into going down the slide.  Those days are gone.  She went down the slide on her own initiative about ten times and was jumping off the side of the pool IMAG0617into water over her head.  Needless to say, I was on lifeguard duty the whole time, since there were about a thousand people in this pool, and she moves fast.IMAG0618

I took these pictures during a safety check, when the kids went up to play on the “sprayground.”  I also took a short video where Joe, Amy, IMAG0619and Lauryn were waiting to get drenched by buckets filling over their heads, and Josh was doing his best to keep out of camera range.IMAG0620  I finally got him coming in to enjoy getting dunked, too, while Lauryn took a minute to sit on the side and suck her thumb.

I guess the little girl took over the big girl for a moment.

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