Adventures in Rift

tariqThis is me, Tariq, an Eth Cleric, 18th level.  Can’t believe it, but I am role playing online with my wife this summer.  She has been into Second Life for a number of years and discovered Rift a few months ago.  She asked if I’d be interested, and I said yes.

The first few sessions were a disaster for me.  You might describe me as “movement-challenged.”  Most of the time I was busy bumping into walls, trees, and fences as her character was efficiently dispatching beasts and bad guys.

I finally figured out how to get around, and I’ve slowly been figuring out how to fire off the different spells in my arsenal.  Unfortunately, I haven’t really figured out how to heal anybody, which is embarrassing since that’s supposed to be one of my character’s main abilities in combat.  More than once my wife has exclaimed, “I’m dying here,” and by the time I figure out what to do, I hear the follow-up, “Well, I’m dead.”

Maybe by the end of the summer I’ll hear, “Thanks, I needed that!”

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