Joe Goes to Scout Camp

Tomorrow, Joe goes to Camp McKee with Troop 707 from Wilmore for his first Summer Boy Scout Camp.

To say he is excited is an understatement.  For the last month, he has been marking Xs on his calendar, and all week he’s been bugging me, “When are we going to Walmart?”

Today, we got him all packed up.  There were some pretty specific instructions from the Camp and from the troop leaders.  Everything had to be labeled—everything.  I sat there with our Dymo labelmaker and a Sharpie, writing JGB into the waistbands of his underwear.  Then, everything went into several Ziploc bags (I should get some dough for all the product placements in this post).  The forecast is rain off and on throughout the week, and they’re doing their best to ensure everybody doesn’t have duffle bags full of wet clothes.

He’ll be in the Dan Beard program for first-year campers, which is very structured.  By the end of the week, he’ll have earned his Tenderfoot rank and three merit badges.  He packed a couple of books, to read during free time.  I just smiled and said, “sure,” knowing that by the middle of the week, his little bit of free time will be spent in an unconscious state.  Of course, I may be projecting my energy level on him.  He’ll probably go nonstop all week and then crash next Saturday when they bring him back.

He’s promised he’ll write one note to Mom while he’s there—he’s got a stamped envelope, already addressed.  We’ll see if that happens.

He’s also promised to let us know if he spots “Pinky,” the legendary huge fish that haunts Lake Vough, waiting to bite the toes off first-years.

Nice to know some things about camp never change.

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