Evangelicals Without Blowhards – NYTimes.com

I  read this op/ed piece by Nicholas Kristof from last Sunday’s New York Times Review, Evangelicals Without Blowhards – NYTimes.com, and found it refreshing.  It is a tribute to John Stott, who died last week at the age of 90, and as someone who has admired the writing and work of Stott over the years, I appreciated reading a piece that recognized his important contribution to Christian scholarship.

I had an opportunity to meet and spend a little time with Stott in the 80s, and I remember how thoughtfully he worked through issues such as women in ministry, determined to develop a response that was both culturally sensitive and biblically based.  He wasn’t willing to throw out centuries of teaching for a “new” position, but he was also very willing to reconsider positions, always digging for the principle at work underneath the practice.

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