Asteroids, Dinosaurs, and Jesus

I was helping Josh wind down for bedtime a few nights ago, and the following conversation ensued:

J: I still have one big question about Jesus.

C: Go ahead, shoot.

J: Well, it’s something I can’t quite figure out. If Jesus sent the asteroid to wipe out the dinosaurs, how long until he sends the asteroid to wipe us out?

(Pause, while Dad tries to do some very quick thinking)

C: Have you ever thought of it this way? Isn’t it amazing that Jesus has kept an asteroid from wiping us out all these years? I mean, it’s not like Jesus is really in the “wiping out” business. He’s in the saving business. (Feeling pretty good about myself at this point.)

J: Hmm. I’ve never thought of it like that.

(Pause–now I’m feeling really good about myself)

J: But then why didn’t he save the dinosaurs?

(Pause–ok, suddenly not feeling so good anymore)

J: WAIT, I think I’ve got it. Jesus HAD to wipe out the dinosaurs because if we and dinosaurs lived on earth at the same time, some big meat-eater would figure it out and, . . . well, it wouldn’t be a very pretty picture.

C: Yeah, . . . why don’t you ask your mother? She’s really good with questions like that.

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