Myers-Briggs Revisited

MyersBriggsTypesDecades after first taking the Myers-Briggs personality profile, I thought I’d try it again, just to make sure I still had a personality.

For years, when anyone would ask, I would tell them I am an ENTJ. Some, like myself, who haven’t studied these things extensively, would nod and move on. Others would give me a slightly puzzled expression, as if to say, “I’m not so sure about that.” I have had several occasions where a friend would assume I was an ENFP or an ENFJ. When I corrected them, I would get the same “whatever you want to think” vote of no-confidence.

In fairness, I always knew I was borderline in those last two areas, so I was interested to see if the needle had moved at all. It probably comes as no surprise that I was a pretty strong EN (I suppose my immediate impulse to blog about this pretty much sums that up).

What I was not expecting, however, was to come out as a borderline TP. Because I was borderline (multiple personalities?), I decided to take it again, trying to be brutally honest. I came out as a fairly strong FP.

What does this mean? In my case, I think there are traits I admire and, by extension, believe I have, contrary to the evidence. For example, I love order and organization, so I want to believe I’m a natural organizer. In truth, I love envisioning order, but I need Alice from The Brady Bunch to make it actually happen. I want to think I have a coolly analytical mind, but I more of a mushball than I admit to.

My guess is that those who know me well are shaking their heads and saying, “It’s about time–we’ve known all of this for years.”

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