Good Friday Reflections

Today, as our family’s way of observing Good Friday, we have been have been having a modified version of the stations of the cross. At breakfast, we talked about Jesus’ trial before Pilate, being scourged, and what was involved in being crucified.

At supper, we continued our conversation, focusing on Jesus’ time on the cross, on his being taken down, and on the sealing of the tomb. Then we talked about the women discovering the empty tomb on Sunday morning and what that means.

As you might imagine, these were conversations with many interruptions: eager questions, dogs attempting to get into the trashcan, requests for more food, etc. But, as we concluded, I found it interesting to note the differing responses, and it reminded me of how thankful I am that the gospels also record a variety of personalities having a variety of reactions.

When I asked, “how would you have felt on Friday night if you were one of Jesus’ disciples?,” my most “Peter-like” child responded, “I would fight the guards!” My “Thomas” was full of questions about what exactly would heaven be like and how would we know for sure that it would be good, and whether electronics would be allowed.

Empty-Tomb-Picture-07My “Mary,” listening to these ongoing, deeply-felt, concerns about the scariness of death and the mystery of the great beyond, simply said, “He’s ALIVE, duh!”

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Even though I’m a few days early, I’m glad that I can already say Happy Easter.

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