A really, really Popular idea for the Presidency

With just a few weeks to go before the election, I realized I may not have given third parties a fair shake, so I decided to do my homework. I see that the Librarian Party is running Gary Johnson, which puzzled me because it doesn’t appear he’s read much, at least not in the Geography section. But, I have to say, h7b80a3eb730b50178c5c95eb500a4a06aving a Librarian in the White House might not be a bad idea: they’re organized, they think outside the box (you have to, with all of the e-resources), they’re infinitely curious, and they’re generally full of great recommendations.

Now, if they could only team a perky, upbeat Librarian with someone from this Green Party–you know, someone with bold ideas, someone who might even defy gravity–I’d think they’d be UNLIMITED.


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