Myers-Briggs Revisited

MyersBriggsTypesDecades after first taking the Myers-Briggs personality profile, I thought I’d try it again, just to make sure I still had a personality.

For years, when anyone would ask, I would tell them I am an ENTJ. Some, like myself, who haven’t studied these things extensively, would nod and move on. Others would give me a slightly puzzled expression, as if to say, “I’m not so sure about that.” I have had several occasions where a friend would assume I was an ENFP or an ENFJ. When I corrected them, I would get the same “whatever you want to think” vote of no-confidence. Continue reading

Asteroids, Dinosaurs, and Jesus

I was helping Josh wind down for bedtime a few nights ago, and the following conversation ensued:

J: I still have one big question about Jesus.

C: Go ahead, shoot.

J: Well, it’s something I can’t quite figure out. If Jesus sent the asteroid to wipe out the dinosaurs, how long until he sends the asteroid to wipe us out? Continue reading

Josh’s Morning Routine

When Josh is getting ready for a school day, I can only imagine how he processes his to do list.

“Lets see, I have to

A. Bug Joe
B. Bug Amy
C. Bug Lauryn
D. Change underwear
E. Get dressed
F. Put on socks AND shoes
G. Brush teeth

Wow, that’s a lot. Time to prioritize. A-C are non-negotiables, but that’s going to leave me pressed. D is optional, so I’ll put that off til next week. I can manage to squeeze in E and F as long as I leave out the sock part. If I just run my toothbrush under the faucet, that might just leave me enough time for another round of A-C. This should work.”

Dog Day Deliberations

Tybee Island

We are in the last days of summer, or so it seems. Even though the equinox isn’t until late September, and Labor Day is three weeks away, It feels as if the relative slow pace we’ve been in is quickening. The kids start school in four days, and all the new college students roll into town on Monday for orientation. Continue reading

I’m Nine!


We are ten days into Lauryn’s Jubilee Celebration. She’s very British in the sense that she doesn’t see the point of celebrating one’s birthday on only one day of the year when one can invite the world to take part all year long. In the same way she announced the impending date to all she met in the month leading up to the big day, she has informed everyone she sees, close friend or casual acquaintance, that she is nine, she will be in third grade, and she had a PINK cake. The video below was shot at the end of a busy day of festivities.


My response to Andrew Rosenthal’s commentary: “With Zimmerman, the Scandal is What’s Legal”–New York Times

Trayvon Martin photo

Robyn Beck/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

I’ve spent the last few days doing what I imagine a lot of people have been doing: thinking about the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial. I didn’t automatically expect a particular verdict; ever since Rodney King, O.J. Simpson, William Kennedy Smith, Casey Anthony . . . (the list goes on), I’ve realized that sitting on a jury and following the parameters established by legal definitions is a very different task than reading news accounts and following gut instincts. Continue reading

The Solitary Leaker –

Still not sure what I think about Edward Snowden. First, he blows everything we say about needing a college degree to get a good job–he didn’t even finish high school and yet landed a position that gave him access to highly classified information. Second, I’m not sure whether to see him as a whistleblowing hero or a traitor. Ever since 9/11, we seem to be saying that we’re willing to trade some personal freedoms for greater national security, and yet when we see what that looks like in real life, we understandably don’t like it. I thought David Brooks wrote an insightful column on Snowden a few days ago in The New York Times: The Solitary Leaker –