MLK Day and Haiti

It’s a beautiful, relatively warm MLK Day in Kentucky.  All of the snow of the last two weeks has melted, leaving the more familiar soggy brown landscape of a typical Bluegrass winter behind.

Like a lot of folks in the States, I’m trying to square my uncomplicated Monday with the chaos and suffering continuing to unfold in Haiti.  I passed a church this morning; the sign out front said, “Pray for the people of Haiti,” and it was a good reminder to me to keep trusting the situation to God, and to ask that He direct food, water, resources, people–everything–exactly where it is needed most, and that he would take whatever is offered and multiply it.  The pragmatic part of me always wants to know exactly how He is going to do that, and I don’t know.  I just know that that is exactly the kind of thing He is expert at and delights to do.